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Feedspress Shortcode Parameters


Name Parameter
Feed Source URL url=””
Hide the feed title (or description)
Note: Default is feed_fields=”title, description”
Change the Feed item title in a link to post link_item_title=”true”
Add a target attribute to links link_target=”_blank”
Load a different Feed template
Note: To see all templates Click Here
Truncate or shorten the description of each feed item truncate_description=”100″
Change truncate_description ellipsis (…) ending
Note: Use only when using truncate_description parameter
truncate_description_suffix=”read more”
Change truncated description into a link truncate_description_to_link=”true”
Allow only certain html tags allowed_tags=”p,br,hr”
Remove ellipsis (“[…]”,”…”) from description strip_ellipsis=”true”
Format the date field of each feed item
Note: Click Here to see all date formats
Change feed title
Note: You can also add a “mm/dd/yy” date to your title by adding “{today}”, “{tomorrow}”, and “{yesterday}” in the “title_override” parameter. Example: title_override=”See Ya In {tomorrow}” title will look like “See Ya In 06/03/20”
title_override=”Hello World {tomorrow}”
Change “feedspress” prefix in all feed item classes
Example: feedspress_item_image after change will become new_class_name_item_image)
Remove attributes: “bgsound”, “class”, “expr”, “id”, “style”, “onclick”, “onerror”, “onfinish”, “onmouseover”, “onmouseout”, “onfocus”, “onblur”, “lowsrc”, and “dynsrc” from the feed items before Feedspress will process them strip_attributes=”false”
Turn off the source uri added to relative paths replace_relative_url=”false”
Convert the {permalink} to a local link in the template
Note: please also add wrap_image_with_link=”true”, to wrap the existing image in a link
Convert the {local_link} to a permalink in the template
Note: please also add wrap_image_with_link=”true”, to wrap the existing image in a link
Specify feed article page template
Note: Use only with local_link
Specify detail page URL
Note: Please add the detail page when using local_link
Note: Please add the “specials” page manually;
Number of feed items to show
Note: Default value is 0 (zero – displays all items)
Display feed items containing only specific keywords
Note: Use “|” as the delimeter
Exclude/hide certain feed items containing specific keywords
Note: Use “|” as the delimeter
Add pagination page_size=”5″
Random feed items order=”random”
Feed items in reverse order order=”reverse”
Ignore “filter” parameter
Useful when showing a feed in the footer (that appears on all the pages, including detail page) this way the detail page will show up only once;
Skip first X feeds items skip_items=”2″
Force Feedspress to ignore certain guidelines, like invalid mime types force_feed=”true”
Turn off Feedspress decoding encoded urls decode_url=”false”
Show xml dump file for debugging xml_dump=”true”
Display feed raw data show_data=”true”
Wrap feed item images in links wrap_image_with_link=”true”