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New Features: Domain Group Statistics

New Feature Alert! As of mid March 2023, users will now be able to view their email stat reports grouped by domain.

This means that when checking your campaign reports, domains and their statistics will show up grouped, in addition to being reported separately. Displayed domain groups will include:

  • Google-related domains (Gmail and Google Email),
  • Yahoo-related domains (,,,,,,,, etc.)
  • Other domains aren’t their own “group,” but this section of domains will include all domains outside of the Google and Yahoo/AOL groups.

Stats grouped together will be averaged out at the top, but each domain’s stats will be viewable separately still when using the dropdown next to the group, or by scrolling to the section below the domain groups stats.

How it looks inside Earnware:

(Campaign report view, click any Sent campaign to view this)

Group Stats (averaged — top), Individual Domain Stats (bottom of image):

Groups — Expanded Individual Domain Stats:

We hope you enjoy this feature! All in all, we think it should make it a little easier on the eyes when you’re checking to see how your campaign is performing at a glance.

Feedback is always welcome and encouraged to keep Earnware as useful to you as possible.