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Earnware: First Time Setup

  1. To get set up with Earnware, create an Earnware account at For help doing that, see:
  2. Contact support to let us know what email you used to set up your account.
  3. Fill out Profile and Billing on the left-hand side menu bar and contact support once this is done. From there, we will ‘activate’ your sending ability on the account using either SMTP, SES, GreenArrow, or another sender, and also activate all features needed on your account.
  4. Need to share access with your team? Directions to do that at:

Now that your account is set up and ready to use, be sure that the site you’re sending traffic to is ready, too. To help inboxing, it’s important to:

  1. Remove Domain Privacy Protection for above sending email domain in your DNS.
    Remove DMARC line from DNS entries; helps to inbox and prevent email from going to Spam: e.g. v=DMARC1; p=quarantine;;; rf=afrf; pct=100; ri=86400; fo=s; aspf=s; adkim=r…
  2. – Use this link to double check the DMARC has been removed successfully. Enter your domain, click on ‘DMARC Lookup’ and under Result column it should say “No DMARC Record found.”

Make sure the following pages on your site are accurate and up to date:

  1. Terms of Use page
  2. Privacy Policy page
  3. Report Spam page
  4. Contact page. Make sure this page has an address that matches the address that will appear on the footer of your emails.
  5. Confirm website has proper copyright information in footer of website.

Email Template:

  1. Add our unsubscribe footer code to email template. Make sure this footer code is on every single template.
  2. Create an Unsubscribed Successful page on your website. You’ll want to add this page to the Unsubscribe footer of your emails when sending from Earnware.
    Helpful Support link >>


Once this stuff is taken care of, contact support for an email sending strategy to successfully warm up your list!