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Earnware Connect

Creating basic forms inside WordPress

On your WordPress website, as long as Earnware Connect is installed and configured, publishing simple shortcodes will expose unstyled forms. If you want to learn more about how to style your forms, Click Here.

Earnware Connect basic form examples:

Subscribe form

[ew_subform utm_placement="subscription-form" success="/" error="/error/"]

Form with checkbox, radio box and a drop-down menu (or drop-down list)

[ew_subform utm_placement="subscription-form" success="/" error="/error/" ta_text area cb_checkbox="Yes" cb_checkbox1="No" rb_radiobox="Yes, No" sb_select_box="Yes, No"]

Form with specific input field and submit button text

[ew_subform is_data_append_form="true" tx_firstname="Enter Your First Name" required="tx_firstname" submit_text="Save My Name..." success="/next-page/" error="/error/"]

More Options

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