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Earnware Connect

Forms CSS

By September 9, 2019December 28th, 2020No Comments

Earnware Connect forms are styled with basic styles that can be overwritten.

How to load the default styles?

Go to Earnware Connect plugin dashboard, find Load Earnware Styles and click Checked to Load.

How to override default form colors?

Here is an example of how to change form button colors and input border to color red:

/*Earnware Connect button color*/ 
.sub-form-body .sub-form-field-radio.input-submit input[type=radio] + label,
.sub-form-body .sub-form-field-subscribe input
{background: red;} 
/*Earnware Connect form border color*/
.sub-form-body .sub-form-field-email input
{border:1px solid red;}
/*Earnware Connect colors end*/

What to do when I want to place the subscribe form, in a small container (sidebar for example)?

Please add the “smalls” class to the parent div where you want to place your form. The “smalls” class will make each form element 100% wide.

/*Your sidebar div*/
<div class="smalls">
/*Your sidebar div end*/