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How to Segment for a 50/50 Split Test (Campaigner)

If you’re running a 50/50 split test, what you essentially have to do is split your sending segments in half and send a campaign to each half. This article will show you how to make a split test template for all future split tests and then will show you how to make splits whenever you need them.

In order to do this in Campaigner:

You’ll want to start by creating a segment that contains all of the lists and segments you’re sending to. You can string these lists and segments together like this:

Split Test Segment Group

IMPORTANT: *Sending segments will vary by sender. This is just an example. Use your current sending segments unique to your account.*

Be sure to connect the filters together using OR. This will capture contacts that are in ANY of the lists. Choosing AND would only give you the overlap between segments, which in this scenario, you don’t want.

Once you have strung together all of your sending segments using OR

  • click next
  • use this segment as a template give the segment a name like “Split Test – today’s date”
  • change Dynamic to Static segment
  • show Advanced Options
  • choose 50% of contacts or whatever amount you need for your split
  • click Finish

It should look something like this:

Next, you’ll want to go to Contacts > Segments.

  • Find the segment you used just created and then Copy it.