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How to Segment for a 50/50 Split Test (Earnware)

If you’re running a 50/50 split test, what you essentially have to do is split your sending segments in half and send a campaign to each half.

To do this, you’ll export half of the contacts from each of your sending segments / lists and put them into one centralized list to use as your Split A or B.

IMPORTANT: *Sending segments will vary by sender. This is just an example. Use your current sending segments unique to your account.*

To export, click the “…” option and click Export to a new or existing list (if you have one ready to use as your Split A/B).

Take note of how many contacts are in the segment and take a random selection of half that amount to export.

Do this for all of your individual sending lists/segments.

Once you have a single list together with half the amount of each of your sending lists and segments you can use that as one of your Splits. For the other, select your regular sending segments and then EXCLUDE the centralized list where you exported half of your lists/segments.


Note: Repeat this process and create fresh lists for different days you want to run split campaigns. As you add data and unengaged data drops off your segments will fluctuate and you’ll want to start fresh each time you do this.