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How to Warm Up a New Email List From Scratch

New email lists are easier to warm up than to rehab an old list with reputation issues. Still, most people screw it up and end up taking 3+ months to warm up a new list when they could have it warmed up in 3 weeks.

To succeed, remember this. Make sure your new list deserves to succeed. Do all the things a quality publisher would do to be real and put the best foot forward BEFORE you send the first email. If you skip a step, don’t say I didn’t warn you. Gmail especially does not put up with lazy email senders who don’t take it seriously.

If you do get too aggressive early on and do something to damage your fragile sending reputation, you can find yourself in the gmail penalty box for 1-3 months with no easy recovery.

Best thing you can do is to a real opt-in campaign in place that has the following features:

1. Set up everything perfectly ready for business first. Look real, be real.
— Native subscriber acquisition funnel on your sending domain
— Auto responders, COI confirmation email.
— Gsuite, Google Analytics, Webmasters tools
— Social profiles, Facebook business page
— Inbound links from other sites, etc.

2. Secure traffic from known quality email lists first. Cheap traffic is dangerous traffic. Ask us for help if you need quality gmail traffic or any other.

3. Direct quality opt-in targeted traffic to your native subscriber acquisition funnel living ON the new sender brand (not some other brand w/API or workflow posts).

4. Start small. No more than 500 leads per day at first.

5. Run tight segments. No engagement after 5 attempts, out.

6. Auto-respond with an Email Confirmation / Verification step.

7. Set up additional opt-in confirmation email retries.

8. Add multiple reply-campaigns — engage in 2-way communications with your new subscribers.

9. Keep it going small until all ISPs are opening at 20% or better.

10. Expand slowly, back-off if any drops in open rate.

Don’t populate your list with any lesser known or lesser quality traffic sources until each major ISP (gmail, yahoo, aol) have 10,000+ active, happy 30-day openers consistently opening over 20% per day.

If you need any help with getting quality email traffic to your funnel, reach out on Skype and we’re happy to help.

John Valenty

skype: john.valenty
mobile: 760-522-One-Two-Two-One