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How to Set up a Custom Link Redirect Domain

By August 21, 2019May 3rd, 2021No Comments

When creating redirect links in Earnware you have the option to create them in a way that can help with name branding. Not everyone chooses to do this, but it is an option available to you. By following the steps below your redirect links will be branded with your domain instead of the generic link style Earnware provides.

Step 1: From the left bar of Earnware, access Links > Domains

Step 2: Add a DNS TXT record to the domain with the value of your Earnware user Id.

You can get your Earnware user ID by going to your Earnware account > selecting Contacts > All Contacts > Select any contact > in the URL you will now see userID= and the string after the = is your user ID.

Step 3: Add a CNAME entry with a name of * to either:

  • or
  • (Uses Clickless Recaptcha)

Step 4: Save the new domain and look for it to show verified

You have now set up a custom link redirect domain!