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How to Set a Click Funnel Page to Pass Identifying Info With Each Contact

If you want to create a Click Funnel page that passes certain identifying information along with each contact here are the steps to take:

1. After you’ve opened the funnel page you are working with, click on the Steps link in the top blue nav bar.

2. In the Opt-In section you will see a URL, you will need to append this URL with the values you want to pass through to your Earnware account. A sample link to use as a guide for the following steps:

3. Keep in mind, you don’t need to pass a value for each of those (e.g. source, placement, campaign), those are just some of your options.

4. Save your edits.

5. Now when someone opts in on your funnel page the values you set in that URL will be passed through with that contact. For example, your URL might end up looking like this: