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How to Build Email Segments for Fast Growth

Cars with bigger engines need bigger brakes and fine tune controls to go fast, safely and smoothly. Same goes for email broadcasting.

If you try to grow a list too big and fast with a weak hygiene system, your valuable mail can hit the junk folder. Go too slow and you’ll leave a lot of money and growth on the table.

The following segmentation model will enable you to build active segments at the maximum speed that each of the ISP top-level domain groups can handle.

For example, this ensures you won’t be limiting your growth or list size by Microsoft’s Hotmail super annoying rules when Google’s Gmail rules can support 300% more exposure. Or conversely that you won’t destroy your Hotmail sending reputation trying to hygiene the same as you do for Gmail or Yahoo. This strategy allows you to grow your list much bigger, better and faster.

The first prerequisite is that you send through an email sending platform like Earnware or Campaigner that easily reports and segments opens and clicks by domain such as @yahoo, @gmail or @hotmail. Secondly that it has a live segmentation system that can create inclusive segments such as the following.

Most email delivery problems can be solved by making list hygiene segmentation moves in 4 buckets:

  1. Recent Openers and Clickers (O/C)
  2. Gmail addresses
  3. Microsoft addresses
  4. All others

First, we create 4 live dynamic segments (not lists) with the following names.

CORE 60/30 O/C




Each segment name will tell us important things at a glance so we know where we’re at and what we might tweak to improve delivery:

The “Core” active list is made up of 60 day clickers and 30 day openers.

Then below that are all the New/Inactives with A/5 = Added in the last 5 days… where 5 is a variable based on engagement metrics.

NEW GM (Gmail) Added last 5 days *A/5

NEW MS (Microsoft) Added last 3 days *A/3

XGM-MS = All contact excluding Gmail and Microsoft domains Added in the last 12 days.
(A/12 = Include all added last 12 days. *12 is variable)

So, then when we are needing to see where we’re at, and tighten up or loosen up a major domain group, you can see it and do it easily.

ALL the list segments above need to pull from a “MASTER LIST” which will be the actual live subscribers that will be picked up by those segments above. This is very important so that you don’t accidentally include too much new inactive data unintentionally.

For help making inclusive segments in Earnware or Campaigner, reach out the support(at) for some hands on assistance.