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How To Add a Custom Tracking Link In Earnware

If you haven’t already, first verify your domain.

To do so:

  1. Go to Domains at the bottom of the left-side menu bar in Earnware and click “Add Domain.”
  2. At the top in the “Domain name” box where you’ll see “” in grey, input the root of the domain you’re sending from. If your sending-from address is, put in that box.
  3. Once that’s there, enable the Domain Ownership setting.
  4. Find the DNS instructions under the enabled setting. Go to your DNS (in your domain registrar or Cloudflare account), and add the entry per the instructions.
  5. Once you save your DNS entry, wait about 10 mins (if it’s set for longer, adjust your TTL, or “time till live”) then go back to Earnware > Domains and hit “Update Domain” at the bottom right of the Domains screen, scroll back up, and see if it verified your domain ownership at the top.

Once domain ownership is verified in green, add your Custom Tracking Link.

To do so:

  1. Enable the custom tracking link setting.
  2. For the Subdomain / Alias, replace the default example “trk” with your own customized link. Use a different short word or abbreviation.
  3. Once you’ve added your own Subdomain/Alias, add the DNS entry per the instructions.
    1. If using CloudFlare, make sure proxy is off, and the entry is DNS only.
  4. Wait about 10 mins. Click “Update Domain.” Make sure you see Custom Tracking Link – Verified in green.
  5. Once verified, send a real campaign to a small seed list to check that it worked.
  6. Once you receive your email, hover over the links one by one, and look to the bottom left of your screen for the link. It should contain your custom tracking link. When it shows up, click the link and check that it’s redirecting back to your site as expected.

If the setting is verified, you see the custom link at the front of your domain before actually clicking on it, and if you get to your site when you actually click, everything’s right and you’re done!