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Subject lines play a major role in engagement which means they literally determine your success or failure with each campaign.

Great subject lines evoke enough attention and curiosity to get the user to open your emails in a crowded inbox. After opening, it’s the content of your email body that will determine whether the user’s curiosity is met with frustration or ideally, an increase in curiosity, resulting in a click through to your destination website.

Deceptive subject lines can break laws and can hurt your sending reputation. Avoid using any deceptive subject lines. You can enjoy the same or better engagement metrics by learning to generate hyper-curiosity vs. deceptive tactics.

The following guidelines will maximize your sending reputation, inboxing, and engagement rates, maximizing your revenue, while helping to keep you safe.

Deceptive Subject Line Keywords You Should Avoid:

RE: … FWD: … Free … Order # XXX … Cancellation … Your Confirmation

Know this – it can take weeks, even months in some cases, to recover from bad
sending practices. You don’t want to end up there.

Here is a good article to refer to as a guide on etiquette for email subject lines and content: