Email Sending Policies

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If you want to send marketing email with Earnware, follow the rules. If you break the rules, we will take measures to protect the network.

Innocent mistakes may get an official warning and some friendly training. Careless mistakes or repeated lack of judgement can result in account suspension or termination. Deliberate abuse will result in account termination and liability for loss and damages.

Getting marketing email broadcasts into the inbox is hard, and the following policies are designed to keep you and us safe while improving the likelihood your mail will inbox.

  • Do not send Unsolicited Commercial Email (SPAM)
  • Do not email people with no relationship to your brand.
  • Do not mail a subscriber who has not opened or clicked any of your last 30 emails.
  • Do not mail a contact who has not been mailed or opened in the last 90 days.
  • Do not mail any content that is illegal, immoral or deceptive.
  • Do not use a different “From Name” than your domain or legally registered DBA.
  • Do not send mail without a functional unsubscribe in the footer.
  • Do not increase your list size if you are averaging more than 1 complaint or 5 unsubscribes per 1,000 mailed.
  • Click here to read our email subject line policy and deceptive subject line keywords to avoid.

If you have any questions about these policies please ask any Earnware support team member.