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Earnware: Email Template Set-up and Merge Codes

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Earnware SMTP can deploy your email campaigns through popular SMTP email sending infrastructures such as: Amazon SES, SMTP.com, Sendgrid.com and Mailgun to name a few.

The following merge codes can be used when sending email via Earnware SMTP (keep in mind, these merge codes are different than what you would use when sending from Campaigner) and can also be used within your Earnware Dashboard when using outbound webhooks to send contacts to other ESPs or to other Earnware Dashboard accounts.

Code Format:
Basic merge field: [firstName]

With default value: [firstName, My Friend] – Thiw will merge the first name of your contact OR the default value of your choice if there is no first name for your contact, such as My Friend.

Popular Merge Codes:

Standard Data Fields Merge Code
Email Address [email]
First Name [firstName, Default Value]
Last Name [lastName]
System Date / Time [date,,date:M/DD/YYYY] 4/20/2020
[date,,date:dddd, M/DD] Monday, 4/20
[date,,date:dddd, MMMM D, YYYY] Monday, April 20, 2020
[date,,date:YYYYMMDD] 20200420
[date,,date:MM-DD-YYYY] 04-20-2020
Unsubscribe Link* <a href=”[unsubscribe,https://www.example.com/success]”>Unsubscribe</a>

Here’s a common Unsubscribe footer link, complete with merge codes, to be used if you embed it directly into the HTML source code of your template:
Intended for: [email] <a href=”[unsubscribe, https://www.InsertYourDomainHere.com/unsubscribed]”>Unsubscribe</a>

Here’s a common Unsubscribe footer link, complete with merge codes, to be used if you use the Insert Link feature within an HTML/template editor (this is NOT to be used within the HTML source code):
[unsubscribe, https://www.InsertYourDomainHere.com/unsubscribed]

*Please note, once you create a successful Unsubscribe link on your email template you need to make sure that actual URL/page exists on your website. Build a page on your site that has appropriate Unsubscribe language (e.g. You have successfully unsubscribed), the URL would be www.InsertYourDomainHere.com/unsubscribed.