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Earnware Connect

Other short code form attributes

Display alternative shortcode/forms to known subscribers

Using: role=EW.Roles.Subscriber success=”RELATIVE_URL” error=”RELATIVE_URL”
[ew_subform utm_placement="SUB" role=EW.Roles.Subscriber submit_text="Submit Button Text" success="RELATIVE_URL" error="RELATIVE_URL"]

Other field form capture options using shortcode

[ew_subform tx_firstname="FirstName Placeholder" tx_lastname="Lastname Placeholder" ta_description="Bam" cb_agreement="Do you agree?" rb_gender="M,F,I don' know" sb_foodSelection="Beef, Chicken, Fish" required="tx_lastname,ta_description"]

How to create required form elements?

To create Required form elements, just state them in the shortcode like below. Note that the text field “tx_lastname” and the text area “ta_description” are both required.
[ew_subform tx_lastname="Lastname Placeholder" ta_description="Bam" required="tx_lastname,ta_description" success="RELATIVE_URL" error="RELATIVE_URL"]

Error handling

Create a page on your site named: …/error/

Adding new fields

Anything not matching the above field names will be set as a custom field automatically in Earnware. The field names used will need to exist in the user’s ESP also in order to post to the ESP.

Set custom fields in your email service

At a bare minimum, create or confirm the following contact fields exist in your email system account so they are populated with opt-in source data as it comes in.

Fields: sourceId, placementId, medium, campaign, content, ipAddress,

Any custom forms or other form tools

Any form tool or html form can point to:

Minimum Form Posting Requirements

  • userId
  • emailAddress