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Feedspress Shortcode Language

Getting started with Feedspress shortcode parameters

Feedspress uses self-closing shortcodes. Below is the simplest shortcode example for a feed (that loads the feed from

[feedspress url=""]

The only parameter being used (see all accepted the parameters here) is the feed source URL parameter: url=””;

Local Links

When you want your feed to show as a local link (by default it will link to your feed source URL), you need to follow the following set-up:

  1. Change the permalink to a local link: change_to_local_link=”true”;
  2. Add the article detail page manually to your website, for example “united-voice” (with the shortcode on it) this way the feed will show up as a category on your website with the following shortcode (click here to see);
  3. Add the article detail page URL parameter to your shortcode detail_page=”united-voice”;
  4. Change the {permalink} into a {local_link} in your template by adding change_to_local_link=”true” parameter;
  5. Add the article detail page template parameter (this is how the feed item article will look like on your page): article_detail_template=”3″;

After adding the 3 parameters from above, the shortcode will look like this:

[feedspress url="" template="7" max_items="5" skip_items="3" article_detail_template="3" change_to_local_link="true" detail_page="united-voice"]

More Parameters 

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