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Why We Recommend Against Dedicated IP Setups

By October 16, 2017May 25th, 2021No Comments

There are hundreds of feature rich email sending platforms (ESPs) out there. They all sound sexy and modern at first glance, but it’s essential to look deeper for the truth to find the best fit for your brand.

The majority of ESP system owners have collectively sold the benefits of dedicated IP set-ups to enough people that everyone is regurgitating the same old nonsense marketing lines over and over as if it’s fact to this day.

They say things like: We offer dedicated IP set-ups so that your sending reputation can be carefully maintained and not be impacted by other senders.

While this sounds really cool, it’s only a benefit as compared to sharing a pool of poorly managed IPs with a number of spammers.

When it comes to having a pool of whitelisted IPs with great management, tons of volume and quality users, shared IP pools can rule the day over dedicated IPs. Basically they can protect you from yourself.

The Problem with Dedicated IP Set-ups

It takes both a pristine email sending reputation and strong whitelisted IPs to inbox the major ISPs such as Gmail, Yahoo and Hotmail on a consistent basis. While many large brands can and should build towards establishing their own strong pool of dedicated IPs, small-medium size business senders and digital marketers who mail fewer than 50,000,000 per month should not. Even the most experienced and talented content marketers can struggle to develop and maintain strong enough IP pools to inbox their mail consistently.

When a small-medium size brand has a problem with delivery, and they are on dedicated IPs it allows the ESP system owners to blame all delivery issues on the sender as opposed to sharing some of the inboxing challenge with platform owner.

We’ve found that while there’s a lot of truth to the fact that most email delivery problems are related to poor sending practices, the strength of the sending platform’s IPs are a very significant factor as well.

Look at it this way:

  • A sender domain with a very strong sending reputation can inbox normal content even on cold IPs.
  • The same strong sender domain can hit the spam box when sending certain promotional content even on warm IPs.
  • The same strong sender domain with super hot IPs can inbox just about any content anytime.
  • But newer senders without much reputation or frankly an average email marketer who sends a few promotions per week often needs smoking hot IPs to inbox most of their email, most of the time.

Sure, there are exceptions, but this is what we’ve found to be true.

Even if you develop warm or even smoking hot IPs, the minute you send the wrong blacklisted affiliate offer or make a simple mistake and compromise your sending reputation or IP scores by even a fraction, you can be faced with weeks or even months of delivery problems.

ESPs that push dedicated IPs are far less likely to treat your emergency as their emergency.

When an ESP has its users in shared pools with very diligent IP management, when you have a problem, so do they. IP issues tend to get resolved much faster.

The solution?

Shared IP pools with good neighbors are the fastest to ramp up and stay warm.

Which ESPs offer shared IP pools with good neighbors? Not many. Here’s a few we know about:

  • Campaigner – (Earnware-Supported) Digital Marketer Friendly and Affiliate Marketing Supported
  • Mailchimp – Solid Small Business features – Affiliate marketing not supported
  • MadMimi – Easy Small Business Features – Affiliate marketing not supported

What about the ever popular AWeber?

AWeber has the largest shared IP footprint out there, but its tools are terrible for customer list hygiene and their IP reputations fluctuate wildly. If you’re a straight affiliate marketer concerned mostly about price with no interest in quality, hygiene and inbox placement, AWeber is your platform.

If you want something far more effective, try Campaigner from Earnware

As always, if you’d like to discuss this topic further, feel free to connect.

Thanks for reading…

John Valenty

Skype: john.valenty